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There's no better way to protect your home than by keeping a good roof over your head. At Three Brothers Roofing, conveniently located in Palisades park, NJ, we’ve been professionally installing and repairing residential, commercial, and industrial roofs in the NJ area for many years. A correctly installed roofing system will keep out wind and water that might damage your eaves, walls, and more.

Roof Leak Specialists! We are experts at finding and repairing roof leaks.

Inspections First

Usually the first question that we're asked about our roofing services is, “How much will this cost?" There are so many features to your roof that make it unique from any other roof that we recommend having a thorough inspection and estimate first. The choices available to you and your roof may vary according to your Homeowners' Associations, house style, roof pitch, etc., so once an inspection and estimate have been made, you can safely balance your budget for your home's needs.

• High Quality Shingles have increased durability and will allow you to protect and beautify your home. High Quality Shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty. Every roof has a finite useful life. And when it comes time to replace your roof, you need to find the right system for your building, budget, goals and objectives.


3-Tab Shingles Basic Protection About 20 to 30 years ago the 3-tab shingles were very popular. But they lay very flat and are much thinner than the dimensional shingles that are used today.

Traditional 3-Tab Shingles are currently the most affordable shingle on the market and majority of homeowners select these shingles for overall cost, smooth finish appearance and manufacturer’s warranty. 25 Years

Architectural Shingles are priced slightly above the Traditional 3 Tab Shingle since they are heavier and provide more strength and durability. They are designed to endure stronger winds and minimize the chance of ice and / or snow from penetrating underneath the shingles during the winter season. They also have a rough finish appearance and longer manufacturer’s warranty. 30 Year

Basic Protection Shingles offer affordable basic protection for a limited budget.

• Designer Choice Shingles are exceptionally durable, stylish and beautiful.

Designer Shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty.

• High Quality Shingles have increased durability and will allow you to protect and beautify your home. High Quality  Shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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