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Chimney Chase Covers

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Chase covers are used at the top of chimneys to keep out rain, snow, critters, and everything else. The chase covers the entire top of your chimney. Used frequently to cover chimney chase surrounds, it fits over the top of the chimney like a shoe box cover fits the top of a shoe box.


Three Brothers  Chimney installs custom stainless steel and copper chase covers to fit any size chimney.  We use 24 gauge stainless steel for all chase covers with a lifetime warranty.  A cross break bend on the top of the chase covers prevents snow and water from collecting on the top and eliminates sagging of the chase cover.  Our chase covers have welded corners seams and welded collars on all holes.  Drip edges are a standard ½” on all chase covers to shed water away from dripping down the sides of the chimney.

Chimneys are hollow, and as such they need roofs to keep animals, water, and debris out of the insides of the chimney. Masonry chimneys have crowns, which are tops made out of mortar. Chimneys enclosing prefabricated chimney/fireplace systems are covered instead with a nifty flat metal roof called a chase cover (or, sometimes, “chimney pans”).

A chase cover is like a metal shoebox lid for the top of the chimney. The chimney flue itself, usually a section of double-walled metal pipe, extends through a hole in the chase cover and is topped by a single-flue cap. The joint where the flue meets the cover is caulked, and sometimes also surrounded by a horizontal metal ring called a storm collar. This helps keep water from entering the chase cover at this junction.

In combination with the chimney cap on the end of the pipe, the chase cover seals the top of the chimney against water, weather, and animal intrusion. Having a chase cover in good condition can greatly prolong the life of the chimney.


Common problems with chase covers include improper installation (screws driven directly through the top of the chase cover, allowing water to enter through the screw holes); improper manufacture (too big, too small, made of two or more pieces improperly joined together); rust; and wear. Repeated cycles of heat and cold can bend and warp chase covers, especially those made of lightweight or galvanized metal. This

A rusty chimney chase cover.

allows water to pool on the surface and promote water entry.  A chase cover in very poor shape.

Our chase covers are made from 24-gauge stainless steel, which will not rust, and all come with a lifetime warranty. They are made with crossbreaks, special crosswise bends which keep the chase cover slightly convex, so water will not pool on the top and leak in around the edges of the flue.  The edges of the skirt (the bit that wraps around the sides of the chimney) have kickers, or drip edges, which direct water runoff away from the sides of the chimney.  The collar, where the flue pipe penetrates the chase cover, is cold-formed, not caulked like those in conventional covers, and is impervious to water entry.

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