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Approximately 9 out of 10 homes do not have sufficient attic ventilation. Why? It’s an additional cost for home builders and is not required by local building codes. Unfortunately, most home owners are unaware that attic ventilation can not only greatly impact personal comfort and longevity of their entire home, but also save a substantial amount on your home cooling costs!


Power Attic Ventilators (PAV) can lower the overall attic temperature. The benefit of increased ventilation in the warmer months can decrease cooling costs in your home.

Powered Attic Ventilators – A Cooler Attic = A Cooler Home!

•This is a fan with a plastic cap that is eroding.  Almost all fans that are sold now are made with metal caps


•This fan not only has a plastic cap, but the part that goes under the shingles and extends vertically is plastic as well.  Note the vertical crack that is causing a water leak into the attic along with the fact that part of the cap has eroded away.

Shown below is a new fan complete with automatic thermostat which I normally set between 90 and 100 degrees.  All metal construction.

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